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Having been born in a musical family, EDWIN learned to play several instruments at a young age. That way he came into contact with different musical styles. He has evolved from rock drummer to folk violinist to singer-songwriter to composer. EDWIN studied ethics and ethical guidance at Ghent University, followed by philosophy at Leuven University. After that, he went to India for a sabbatical year, resulting in studies of Indian music at the Rotterdam Conservatoire and in Bombay. EDWIN was nominated for the Zamu-awards and winner of the Dranouter-rally contest. He gained the acknowledgement and support of the Ministry of the Flemish Community, including project financing and several study trips (Taiwan, China, etc) with Troissoeur. He was the founder of the new workplace TRIBE, which was subsidized by the Flemish Community. During that period, he took on the task of artistic leader, composer/musician/apprenticeship supervisor.

More info (in dutch) www.edwinvanvinckenroye.be


Edwin is founder of TRIBE, an art laboratory and a workspace in which artistic work can be developed. This stimulating environment is where meeting with others, artistic feedback and discussion, coaching and supervision are part of the growth process. TRIBE works within existing traditions, using artistic models but colouring way beyond the lines:

  • The music is intrinsically crossover. It dissolves the lines between classical/world, folk/pop, rock/electronica, noise/experimental music. Bands like Troissoeur, The Tribe Band play independent music without a label.
  • The ensembles TROISSOEUR and TRIBE released their most important albums on the EMI label Zoku. Their collaboration with Daniel B. (sound architect of Front 242, Morf) has had a lasting influence. Acoustic energy supported by electronic sounds creates a wide range of colours and generates depth. Cinematic by nature, energetic, alien, dulcet, loud and quiet…
  • Interaction and collaboration are the cornerstones of artistic work. TRIBE wants to continue experimenting openly with new forms of artistic expression and find new ways of collaboration between artists.


Singer-songwriting on the violin with foot percussion

During the past years, Edwin has worked in silence on a solo project that translates itself into a series of 'imprositions', somewhere in between composition and improvisation. He explores the value of using his own non-sense language. EDWIN SOLO is an intimate encounter, a small story of emotions, which, at the same time, is raw and aged. From singer-songwriting on the violin to sound experiments and poetic sound-language songs… you are plunged into a very personal story.
ALBUM “Renascens” (2016)


99.9 explores a field of electro-acoustic world music

99.9 is an eccentric musical biotope that evolves from a close collaboration between Daniel B. (Front 242, Nothing But Noise, Morf) and Edwin. The music starts with the sound of old synthesizers and acoustic/classical instruments played in an unusual way. The music sits somewhere between contemporary neo-classical world, ambient and electro-folk. The central ideas are variation and expressiveness. New compositions are formed out of repetitive elements, which have a compelling and intoxicating effect on the listener. 99.9 mixes songs, trance and sound design with a subtle hint of noise: acoustic passion paired with steaming energy. Not hard, yet gripping. Not non-committal, yet accessible. The result oversteps the borders of genre. The energy is essential. And the intense communication between the ‘clashing’ musicians. Some kind of body music to be discovered.
NEW ALBUM (2018)


Artistic creations by pro guest artists in a changing line-up

Edwin invites artists to create something from experimental/minimalist to alternative electro-acoustic world and contemporary classical & beyond. The emphasis is on non-stop creativity. The performance is open, the line-up changes and the performers are professionals. Spontaneity, surprise, experiment, discovery and adventure with e.g. multimedia & performance art. The audience gets carried away into a musical high and finds itself in the centre of the creation. In the past Edwin has worked together with folk- & worldmusic bands and artists (like Yungchen Lhamo from Tibet, Joji Hirota from Japan, Druba Ghosh from India, Olla Vogala, Chris Joris, Aranis, Millenniums, Laïs from Belgium) and avant-garde musicians such as Sandy Dillon/Ray Majors (USA/UK), Lisa Gamble (Canada) and Satoshi Takeishi (Japan), but also with the Belgian rock guitarist Jean-Marie Aerts, the band Motek and 'architect' in electronic music Daniel B. (Front 242). Don't hesitate to contact us for concerts or performances on various and unusual locations, to set up a co-production, an outstanding idea or an improvisation session... the pleasure is ours...